Alex Brick

My name is Alex Brick, and I am a student at Northeastern University, located in scenic Boston, Massachusetts, where I major in Computer Science. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in 2010, and will be receiving my Master of Science in 2011.

My interest in computers began many, many years ago, at the ripe age of 10. I can still remember my first number guessing game that drew me into this complex world of interactive and powerful software. Of course, it also had no loops, no flow control, or anything. Just if statements and function calls. Maybe it wasn't such a great program after all...

Well, either way, times have changed. After taking AP Programming in my high school and being introduced to object-oriented design, I discovered what a wide, wide world computer science really is. I interned at NIH, where I wrote actually-used software, and so became even further exposed to the world of programming. In 2005, I released my first application, lineaksetup, a configuration utility for the LinEAK project.

I am now several years into my college experience, and have taken courses in all aspects of Computer Science, from low-level C and assembly language to Theory of Computation and Algorithms. I have not, of course, limited myself only to Computer Science, and have taken courses about Japan (a country that is very interesting to me), philosophy, physics, and some higher-level math.

During the second half of 2008, I participated in a six-month co-op with, where I was a part of the Client Experience Analytics team. This was a remarkable experience, where I was given a high level of autonomy and was tasked with designing and building services and pieces of infrastructure on my own. I emerged from this a far better developer, I believe.

For the fall of 2009, I went to J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan to study abroad. At the university, I studied the Japanese language and Japanese culture, with the possible goal of returning to Japan to work or live for some period of time in the future. I find Japan very interesting, and I would love to combine my skills and interest in Computer Science with my interest of Japan.

For the second half of 2010, I returned to, where I worked on another internal team, the Software Deployment team. Here, I was tasked with designing, developing, and defending an entirely new system and infrastructure. I learned a lot about good design, and again had to work with a great deal of autonomy.

I continue my studies to this day, still steadily learning. It is my hope to acquire a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, to take my skills to the highest level they can go.